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Cartoon Logos, Funny Logos

Cartoon Logos, Mascots, Pictures and Animations for Your Business!
Funny cartoon logos, cartoon pictures, cartoon logo designs and wicked cartoon characters.
Vlad Kolarov (aka eVlad) is a cartoonist, humorous illustrator, animator, logo designer,
greeting card artist, web designer and all around cartoon persona.

Cartoons, and comic art for publishing and advertising. Cartoons and illustrations for web sites and online services. Cartoons for printed newsletters and publications. Cartoons for online magazines and newspapers. Cartoons for CD-ROM publications. Cartoons for screensavers. Cartoons for fax forms. Cartoons for classes, seminars, conferences, and business presentations. This web site is one of the hot spot for funny business cartoon logos, cartoon character pictures, cartoon character logos, funny cartoons or whimsical and unique characters. Help support my cartooning -- buy cartoon merchandise.

Do you need a Custom Corporate Holiday Christmas Card / Animation for your small or large business?

Custom Christmas greeting cards

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Custom Christmas animations

See more samples of Custom Christmas animations.

Vlad Kolarov (HALLO! THAT'S ME:-) is one of the "red-hot-chilly-peppers" hottest custom cartoon logo designers on the web today! I have been a cartoonist and a humorous illustrator all my life. More than 15 years ago I started working as a professional cartoonist creating cartoons, comic strips, funny business cartoon logos for corporate identity and entrepreneurial businesses, websites, t-shirts, greeting cards, publications and more! My illustration/animation art studio creates funny custom cartoon logos, mascots and animations. My client list includes a range of businesses: from big names like, Reader's Digest, Renaissance Greeting cards to small businesses and individuals. Please feel free to browse through my cartoonists portfolio filled with funny cartoons, unique cartoon characters, cartoon pictures, cartoon logos and a free daily cartoon.  Are you looking for funny cartoon logos, cartoon character pictures, cartoon character logos, funny cartoons or whimsical and unique characters but can't find them? Let Vlad Kolarov Cartoons Company create the perfect logo design or custom illustration for your next project. With over 15 years of business I can assure you that my prices are fair and my work is excellent (check my portfolio)! You'll love working with me!

Vlad is a professional humorous illustrator/cartoonist, animator and designer specializing in cartoon logo design, funny panel cartoons/illustrations, Flash animations and cartoon pictures. This web site is dedicated to my work in comic strips, as well as cartoon pictures, cartoon clip art, funny cartoon characters and much, much more! All cartoon characters, pictures and clip art are available for immediate purchase or license.

My cartoons are available for use on your web site or intranet. My prices are fair, my work is excellent and you'll love working with me! Get a no obligation quote today.

Please tell your friends and business partners! Word of mouth is a great marketing tool.

Cartoon Logos, Funny Logos You probably have already seen my work on the web. I have done illustrations for hundreds of web sites, and my animations and ecards are on such sites as,,,, etc.
Cartoon Logos, Funny Logos My ecards are
the ultimate marketing tool for your web site! They have been featured in an article on ("Ecards as a Marketing Tool")

(quote: "Ecards (electronic greeting cards) are a great example of efficient marketing on the internet. You have a free service open to the Internet users. The ecards they send from your site invariably contain promotion for your company, products or services. They are advertising tools that are immediate, inexpensive, personalized and although sent via email, Spam free.").
Check out the ecard palns.

Cartoon Logos, Funny Logos I am the owner of Cardsup Greetings Ltd. - a full-service multimedia/design company specializing in License characters, advertising, marketing, web/graphic design, animation, multimedia and web hosting. A big "Thank you!!!" to all of my loyal clients and new customers! It is always a pleasure creating fantastic looking logo designs for you. Get a no obligation logo quote on cartoon business logos today or give me a call 1.604.463.0623! I don't have an AIM address, but you may instant message me ICQ: 15323871 Vlad Kolarov - SuperMan of the Comic Art.

Why Hire Vlad Kolarov Cartoons?
-- Personal cartoon touch: I personally draw and create each and every custom logo, illustration, picture or animation. You always work directly with me and every funny logo and unique cartoon picture is custom created and hand drawn by me. (I never use clip art comic characters!)
-- Years of experience: I have been cartooning since 1986...(Does that make me old, or experienced?:-)
-- Satisfaction guaranteed: I'll redo a cartoon as many times as it takes to create the perfect design. If you're not happy, I'm not happy. I'm very easy to work with.
-- 50% deposit policy: I'll be your hired cartoonist for a mere 50% deposit.
-- Highest quality: My cartoons have been sold and printed nationally and worldwide. My funny artistic designs have won numerous cartooning and logo designing honors. All my cartoons are original, professional and priced within most budgets.
 -- Clients' testimonials: Hundreds of happy, satisfied clients!

Hire me Today:
-- Businesses: My main business is working with small and medium sized businesses and creating funny business cartoon logos. I also design funny custom advertising cartoons for direct mailers, newsletters and web sites. I've drawn cartoon designs for t-shirts, CD covers, magazine covers, menus and much more. Contact me today!
-- Graphic and Web Designers: Graphic/web designers can add a person with cartooning skills to their staff. Hire me as a freelance cartoonist and add value to your design firm. I create a wide range of cartoon characters for web, print, advertising, etc..
-- Art Directors: Do you need a humorous illustration, advertising cartoon, humorous logo?...Whatever you need, I can help fill the gap. I've created numerous cartoon business logo designs for agencies, public relations firms, schools and large corporations.
-- Individuals: Do you need some funky icons, fun spot cartoon for your website or custom greeting card? Need a fun cartoon design? Let me know!

I will create the perfect custom logo design, funny character, comic t-shirt design or funny picture that will help promote your business. It is a fact that well advertised cartoon pictures can make a ton of money (especially if you put them on merchandise, which is easy with the help of web sites like CafePress).
Some business owners are making millions of dollars of just selling cartoon merchandise. Can you imagine how rich you might be if you owned a cartoon character like Charlie Brown? Or Spiderman? Superman? Do you know how much Disney merchandise is being sold everyday? Why not get your own cartoon character and make money now? Contact me today!

Vlad's cartoon pictures, cartoon characters, humorous clip art and single panel cartoons are great for:

 Daily cartoon feature on your web site/intranet
 Advertising/Marketing Campaigns
 Product Designs
 Company or Web Site Logos
 T-shirt Designs
 Spot Illustrations for any publication
 Team Mascots
 Tattoo Designs
 Greeting Cards
 Anything you can think of!!!

Vlad's cartoon pictures, cartoon characters, humorous clip art and single panel cartoons are perfect for publishing and advertising. I also create cartoons and illustrations for web sites and online services, funny cartoons for printed newsletters and publications. Hilarious cartoons for online magazines and newspapers. Wacky cartoons for cd-rom publications. Color cartoons for screensavers. B/W cartoons for fax forms.
I can create cartoons for classes, seminars, conferences, and business presentations. Custom cartoons for calendars, daily planners and date books. I specialize in cartoons for advertising, packaging and promotional materials. My cartoons and illustrations are great for children's books, textbooks, humor books. Of course, cartoons and illustrations for t-shirts, mugs, mouse pads and giftware.
Don't forget cartoons and illustrations for posters and special projects. I have even cartoons, illustrations and written humor for greeting cards. Also cartoon shark pictures, cartoon bunny pictures, cartoon people, dogs, cats, ducks, monkeys, gorillas, pictures of cartoon men, cartoon pictures of people, cows, pigs, chickens, parrots, bees, bugs, buffalo, ponies, mice, cartoon fish pictures, cartoon monkey pictures, cartoon dogs, cartoon dog pictures, cartoon pictures of angels, and funny whimsical animals, fish, aliens, deer, dolphins, horses, bears, rabbits, skunks, tigers, surf decals, lions, elephants, rats, babys, kids, girls, children, boys, cars, bikes, heros, holiday, skateboard stickers, sharks, funny babies, sexy girls, Santa, Christmas, zebras, bulls, butterflies, crabs & other fun logos and humorous pics, cartoon pictures, funny cartoons, cartoon logos, cartoon characters, carton, cartoon, logo designer.
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As you already know, I am a cartoonist, logo designer, greeting card artist, comic illustrator and internet entrepreneur. I draw funny cartoon pictures, design cartoon logos and create humorous smokin cartoon characters. Information and Tips: is your mascot or cartoon logo worth a million dollars? Logo Prices, Make money with cartoon pictures. Making Money Online, Meet the Artist, More Than just Logos, Vlad Kolarov Cartoons can do more than just draw professional illustrated logos, pictures & illustrations. New York Times Old Fart Cartoon Order yours today. Other Great Cartoon and Funny Stuff Pop Art Funny Duck Pop Art Prints, Calendars, Hats, T-shirts, Buttons, Magnets, Stickers and Gifts now available! PowerPoint slideshows that display the very best of my current cartoonists portfolio & logo samples. Quotes See the rest of my cartoon logos & samples. Sexy Posters, Superman Logo Mickey Mouse Logo, Top 500 companies Top Cartoon Logos and Comic Illustration Top Weekly Comic Cartoon Pictures View a sample of my newest logo designs HERE. Vlad Kolarov Cartoons Cartoon Web Comics link, Weekly Comic, What's the Process? You may purchase here funny t-shirts, mugs, cartoon popart gifts and more. Drop me a line today!

Cartoon Logos, Funny Logos Cartoon Logos, Funny Logos
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