Web site updated

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Well, it has been a while since I did anything on the site… I have been really busy these days, so there will be more news soon.

Meanwhile, I upgraded the software… It seems like everything went through smoothly, but in case you notice something broken, please give me a shot!



“Layers” magazine interview

I just got my complimentary issues of the January edition of “Layers” – the How-to Magazine for Everything Adobe.

Yours truly has been profiled in it, with a cover, a short interview and artwork throughout the magazine.

My 9-years old was impressed, and asked: “Dad, tell me the truth… are you a little famous?”…


Click here for a PDF version of the interview (2Mb).



Vlad Kolarov's interview

Vlad Kolarov's interview


Rejection, rejection

As any professional artist will confirm, dealing with rejection is a big part in our lives. You have to make up your mind from the very start and learn how to deal with it. Developing a tough skin helps a lot:-)
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Funny stats

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As I was working on the web site today, I decided to check the stats and see what keywords do people use to find the web site.

1. greeting cards — no surprise here:-)
2. comic strips — second place!
3. construcion logos cartoons — well, that was kind of surprising… I guess I need to make more construction logos
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Portfolio updated

Ugh… It has been a struggle, but I think I am finally getting the hang of this blog thingy…Today I managed to organize the portfolio and add some new illustrations. I will be constantly adding new material, so please feel free to subscribe to my mailing list here.


New web site!

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Welcome to my new web site… It’s been a while since I have updated it, so I decided it is about time!

For now I have decided to keep the old site too (you can find it here). But if it proves to be pointless, I will remove it.

The biggest challenge is keeping this blog up to date. As you can guess, I am not much of a blogger… Perhaps I should hire an intern?



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