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Vlad Kolarov
Vlad Kolarov (aka eVlad) is a professional humorous illustrator/cartoonist, animator and designer specializing in cartoon advertising, children’s books, newspaper illustration, logo design, funny panel cartoons/illustrations, Flash animations and cartoon pictures (did we forget anything?)…

Vlad got his first art assignment in 1989 and hasn’t stopped ever since. He spent nine years doing illustration, cartoons and comic strips for the largest Bulgarian newspaper and magazine publisher. 1998 was a turning point in his career – he discovered the Internet, got a computer and moved to British Columbia, Canada.

In an attempt to monopolize the web, Vlad has created numerous web sites all under the hat of his multimedia/design company Cardsup Greetings:

eToon.com : one of the largest cartoon licensing web sites
Funny Sells : advertising services
Be Artist : news for artists

His latest projects include the Good Luck Puppy (the cute little puppy that brings good luck to everyone), Safe Jungle (a really safe site for kids) and Egg People (online community game site) .

All Vlad’s humor art, cartoon characters, pictures and clip art are available for immediate purchase or license.

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