Rejection, rejection

As any professional artist will confirm, dealing with rejection is a big part in our lives. You have to make up your mind from the very start and learn how to deal with it. Developing a tough skin helps a lot:-)

Personally, after so many years as a freelancer, I have no problem with rejection. I know that my work is good and it sells. And I know that rejection is based on many different factors, not only like/dislike:

1. The economy: as strange as it may sound, I have found that clients are very much influenced by the state of the economy. The stronger it is, the more happy they are to hire you.
2. The style: sometimes your work may not be quite the right fix for the project. That does not mean it will not be for the next one:-)
3. The taste: it’s a given, that the quality of my illustrations is superb, but sometimes people have different tastes…It’s nothing personal.
4. The pricing: a very important part… Too high…too low (is there such a thing?). Well, my pricing is very flexible (within certain standards), but sometimes when I give a quote, people just disappear. I do not get it. If you think the price is too high, please tell the artist so — there are many ways an illustration can be done, and ways to bring the price down. Just a thought.
5. The location: some clients prefer to work with local artists (I do not get it, but that’s reality)
6. All the other reasons I can not think of right now…

The only thing that bothers me a bit (apart from not getting hired:-), is not getting any reply…not even rejection:-)

I realize that Editors and Art Directors are busy people and they get too many submissions, but hey — this is a business! Send me my rejection!

Speaking of which, today I got a very sweet rejection letter from an Art Rep. Enjoy:-) :

Hello Vlad,

Thank you for sending me the link to view your illustrations. Your work is charming, whimsical and expressive. I can see that you have achieved quite a bit of success already for a diverse group of clients.

Unfortunately, I already represent several illustrators who have a humorous cartoony style and I honestly try very hard to not create much overlap in style within my group of artists. This (combined with the fact that the illustration market here in the states is a bit challenging in the last few years) has caused me to not add any new artists for quite some time. I simply have not been able to keep them as busy as I would like.

Your work is really good – I get submissions daily and yours is among the best I see. So, keep at it. I am confident that you will find a good fit for you!

Best regards,

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